You’re Not Too Sensitive, It’s Verbal Abuse

I’d like to start by clarifying a common misconception: verbal abuse doesn’t include only cussing and swearing. If you have heard “You are too sensitive” before, you have probably been verbally abused. Name-calling classifies as verbal abuse too. The list is long. This is a tough subject but it’s time to bring it up, isn’t it?

You’re Not Too Sensitive, It’s Verbal Abuse Kathy Marshack Is it abuse when your loved one with “Autism Spectrum Disorder” says the meanest things to you, your children or others? If they have an empathy disorder, do you excuse this behavior? Is it less abusive because there’s a reason behind the behavior? How much abuse should you tolerate because you’re trying to help?

In my opinion, if it feels like abuse… it is abuse. I wrote an article on “How Can You Tell if It’s Abuse or Asperger’s that you might find useful. The short answer to that question is that it doesn’t matter. Regardless of the source of the abuse, it has to cease immediately. Check the article for a guide with steps you can take.

Patricia Evans has a good test for you, with questions you can ask yourself, to figure out if your partner is verbally abusing you. Check her website. There you can also find good tools to work through abuse and reclaim your life. 

If you are interested and live near Quincy, IL, Evans will give a workshop where she will bring awareness and understanding regarding the nuances of abusive relationships, and how to identify and address them in clinical settings as well as how anyone can respond to abuse. The workshop will take place on May 1st 2020, in Quincy, IL, and tickets will be available after January 1st. Find out more about this workshop.

Being a victim of verbal abuse (or any kind of abuse) can cause serious side effects such as depression, post-traumatic stress, and anxiety. If you believe you are in an abusive relationship, don’t wait too long and start working on taking back your life.

On our private membership website, reclaiming your life from abuse and stress is one of our main topics of discussion. We discuss how to manage the abuse, how to stand up for yourself, and how to put the responsibility squarely on the abuser. This is the first step for taking back your life, which is your real mission. If you aren’t a member yet, but you think you could benefit from joining us, please visit our website. Members have access to forums, video conferences and teleconferences, so I hope to see you there soon.

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  1. I am unable to see the discussions which is really why I paid the new fees. Is this facility not working or can o just not find it. Thanks

    1. Hi Trudy. I can’t find your membership either at Meetup or Did you use an alias? I would hate to have you miss all of our discussions. If you are a paid member of Meetup, all you have to do is click the “Discussions” menu item, and all discussions pop up. If you are a member of the private membership group, you need to log in, then click on “Join the Forums,” at the top of the page.
      Hope this helps,
      Dr. Kathy

  2. I am in a horrible abusive marriage (3rd) with a
    man who charmed me so much in the beginning when he heard I was coming into an wainheritance. I believed this was the real deal.s As a salesman he was very successful into telling lies and concealed his crazy behavior tone and edge from me thinking I would catch on and no marriage. He needed a woman with money because he had none. I am now married 15 years and see it all now and afraid to be alone and need his social security to get thru each month without touching my money. I really need help. Is there a group here in Delray Beach, Florida. My family and friends think he is great?

    1. Please look for specialists who help with Narcissists. There may also be support groups in your area for victims of a “sweetheart swindle.” I hope you are safe.

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