What Dr. Kathy’s Clients Have Said

“…through a raging storm…”

What inspires me the most is knowing that a person can come through a raging storm … and create a beautiful rainbow!! I feel more motivated to write my story and tell my story because it naturally helps other’s to heal. I know this because of how I feel each time I read something you write.  A heartfelt thank you for the work you do both professionally and personally. You can’t get to where you are today in your career unless you find ways to care for your self.”

Thank you for having such a positive impact on my life. I would never have been me if not for you.

You’ve helped me through some very tough times, helped me through some mind-blowing epiphanies with charm and care. You are a consummate professional and I would recommend you to anyone who needed assistance.

Your wisdom and insight has been priceless. I do not feel alone in a life raft, adrift in the sea. Your many stories and anecdotes are always with me. My life is a better place in every way that I choose to think about it.

“…for me and the kids.”

I really appreciate all that you have done for me and the kids. It was truly a lifesaver your consultation kept us afloat and in control of what we were going through, I really sincerely thank you.

Thank you, from every cell in my body, for giving such an amazing gift to the world and to me. My life is forever changed! I don’t normally attach my picture to emails, but am for this one because I am not ashamed of who I am anymore and am ready to learn how to become VISIBLE in my life now!”

As part of our effort to improve our working relationship, we thought we could use professional assistance. So we met with Dr. Kathy Marshack, a family business psychologist. Those of you who don’t work with other family members probably can’t believe there’s such a field of work, and those of you who work with family probably can’t believe there aren’t more people in her line of work. Dr. Marshack, author of “Entrepreneurial Couples: Making it Work at Work and at Home,” helped us set individual and business goals and define our responsibilities within the business more carefully, which is a key to success in a family business. The personality testing we worked through was particularly eye-opening. Once my nephew and I acknowledged we’re nearly polar opposites, it helped us realize better how we could use that to benefit the business. We were able to return to work on the business as a team rather than working against each other.
Camille Eber
Roth & Miller Autobody, Inc