Video Psychotherapy Appointments:

Please choose “Video Therapy” only if you live in Oregon or Washington. Use this option if you want clinical services and wish to bill your Oregon or Washington health insurance plan.

There Are Two Ways to Schedule:   Schedule a Clinical Appointment

  1. Dr. Marshack has very limited openings for psychotherapy at this time. Call the office to schedule an appointment or ask to be added to the waitlist. (503)-222-6678.
  2. If you don’t want to wait, and this option is appropriate for you, use the online calendar to schedule a “Talk to the Author” Video Call Appointment (US and International for video education).
  3. Dr. Marshack no longer schedules in-office sessions; all appointments are secure and encrypted video only.

“Talk to the Author” Video Call (Video Education) Appointments:

[Please choose “Talk to the Author”Video Call for other than clinical services. If you live outside of the United States, please scroll down for more details. Dr. Marshack currently has clients from all over the world, because they have found that they can resonate with the information in her books, online courses, You Tubes, Dr. Kathy’s Office Hours, and podcast “NeuroDivergent Relationships.”]

There are Two Ways to Schedule: Schedule a Talk to the Author Appointment

1. Use the online calendar to make a convenient time for yourself and Dr. Marshack at “Talk to the Author.”
2. Or, Call the office to schedule an appointment or ask to be added to the waitlist. (503)-222-6678.
3. Gather your questions for this call. You will find that you are are in good hands if you’re looking for quality information for your ASD/NT relationship.

How Does It Work?

Most of Dr. Marshack’s appointments are held using video via HIPAA compliant software. Find out how easy and comfortable it is to meet online, in the privacy of your own space.

You can schedule using the convenient online calendar, which will direct you to set up your password-protected client portal. Follow the simple menu of instructions to schedule a “Talk to the Author” Video Call appointment (Video Education). Or call the office to arrange an appointment (503)-222-6678.

 Dr Marshack’s fees are 55min $305 USD, and  75-90min $487 USD, and 38min sessions are  $221 USD. Effective March 1, 2024.

Video therapy is offered on a limited basis only. You must make prior arrangements with Dr. Marshack to use this option. Also you can schedule a 38 or 55 minutes Video Therapy appointment only if you are residing in WA or OR. Dr. Marshack is in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, and Moda. She takes most other insurance plans too if appropriate (i.e., Cigna, Aetna, Tricare, etc.).  Please call the office to use this option.

Once you are a registered client, further communication with Dr. Marshack or her staff is totally confidential using your private client portal. You will also receive instructions on how to make a co-payment, and to authorize your health insurance. We require that forms are completed at least 48 business hours prior to your session in order for Dr Marshack to be prepared for your session. If forms are not completed within that timeframe, the appointment will be cancelled.

International Clients ( “Talk to the Author” Video Call, Video Education) Appointments

Our online scheduling system is the same for all “Talk to the Author” Video Calls (Video Education) Appointments, regardless of your geographical location. However, the software is designed primarily for those living in the USA and Canada, although we can accept clients from around the world.

Follow the instructions for “Talk to the Author” Video Call.

Also make these two corrections, when you enter your contact information:

—In the address field enter your City and Country in the “City” field.
—Type “NA ” in the “State” field.

More questions?  Please contact for help.


Phone:  Text: USA 1 (503) 222-6678

All inquiries will be returned within 48 business hours.

Schedule a Talk to the Author Appointment

Join Our International Community.

You don’t have to live abroad to take advantage of the “Talk to the Author” service.  Plus you will find abundant support for your NeuroDivergent Relationships in the Meetup group (for NTs), the Advanced Community Forum (for NTs), and the online course “Asperger Syndrome” & Relationships (for both NTs and ASD). These online communities are a safe place to mingle with partners, families, and friends in NeuroDivergent relationships.

If you have a loved one on the Spectrum, please check our private MeetUp group. We have members from around the world meeting online in intimate video conferences guided by Dr. Kathy Marshack.
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