ASPERGER SYNDROME & RELATIONSHIPS: Life With an Adult on the Autism Spectrum

A Private Members-Only Online Community

If you are a Neuro-Typical (NT) partner, family, or friend of an adult with high functioning autism, this private, secure website is a lifesaver. Please know that you are not alone. I want to hear from you.

With thousands of members worldwide, we meet in local face to face groups, international teleconferences, intimate video conferences, and even one-on-one video conferences with Dr. Kathy if you like. No matter where you live in the world you can meet others who understand because your voice matters. See our schedule on the Coming Events page.

If you need daily support you can join one of dozens of private, online discussions. You are safe here. Only members can access the discussion forums. You can ask questions and share stories of your day. Not everyone agrees on everything, but our diversity is what creates opportunity to grow and change and take back your life from these very tough ASD relationships.

“Asperger Syndrome”: Partners & Family of Adults with ASD

I offer this Meetup Group for those who want the personal touch of meeting face-to-face with others who are living with these complex relationships. If you have recently discovered that your partner or family member is on the Autism Spectrum, this Meetup group may help.  Join us at “Asperger Syndrome”:  Partners & Family of Adults with ASD.

Local Event Organizers arrange for members to meet for lunch or coffee in your community. Although our Event Organizers are volunteers, and are not professional mental health professionals, they are members of our main group, ASPERGER SYNDROME & RELATIONSHIPS. Many new members find it very beneficial to meet with other more seasoned members who understand and want to help each other.

In addition to the face-to-face Meetup, a free half hour monthly group teleconference with Dr. Kathy is another way to begin to uncover the mysteries of this complex relationship you live with.

MeetUp offers an abbreviated version of what you will find when you are ready to delve more deeply into the subject by joining our private online community, ASPERGER SYNDROME & RELATIONSHIPS: Life With an Adult on the Autism Spectrum.