How Can You Tell if It’s Abuse or Asperger’s

As tough as it is to look at the issue of abuse, it’s important. We aren’t helping our Aspies when we allow them to be abusive. Yes, they have sensory sensitivities. Yes, they lack empathy and miss important cues. Yes, they easily get confused and shut down or rage. But to allow the verbal abuse, or their self-abuse, is not OK.The answer to the question, “Is it abuse or is it Asperger’s?” is that it doesn’t matter. Regardless of the source of the abuse, it has to cease immediately. That’s always the first step.

The second, third and fourth steps require taking into consideration the source of the abuse and developing a treatment plan specific for the person. With Aspies it’s a blend of anger management (or domestic violence treatment), and the kind of coaching that teaches them the Rules of Engagement.

For the NT, as you can imagine, the treatment involves a protection plan, plus psychotherapy to restore your confidence and teach you skills to cope with life better.

Like I said this is a tough subject but it’s time to bring it up, isn’t it? That’s why we’re talking about this at our next videoconference.

If you’re a member of Asperger Syndrome: Partners & Family of Adults with ASD Meetup, please join our videoconference on Thursday, December 7th at 9:00 A.M. The topic: Is it abuse or is it Asperger’s? We’ll discuss how to assess the situation when the diagnosis alone doesn’t help. In other words, let’s find practical ways to communicate and problem solve with your Aspie, even if you have to make it up!
(If this time slot if full, I’m holding another one of December 20th.)

If you’re not a member and want to join here are the qualifications: you are a NT trying to deal with life with someone on the Autism Spectrum. That’s it. If that’s you, request an invite. It’s free to join the group and it has a lot of perks, like this low-cost video conference or free international teleconferences.

If you’d like to learn more of the science behind Asperger’s Syndrome, download a free chapter from my book, Out of Mind – Out of Sight. Or click the image below.

19 Replies to “How Can You Tell if It’s Abuse or Asperger’s”

  1. I would love to talk to someone about this. I am at my wits end. My husband is breaking me and our family and I don’t know how to help him anymore

    1. Please join our group Angel. Just click on the page for our Meetup group. You will find others there who understand.

    2. Hi Angel
      I’m going thru a very similar situation .
      But, my husband is not just aspberger’s , he is also a sex addict. An abusive one .
      If you would like to chat, please feel free to write to me

  2. My husband out of nowhere rages, throws things and yells. He blames… It was he who suggested he had Asperger’s (on the spectrum). I have read much about those with HFA and try to do the best to understand and accept that often he needs time each day to do computer things, or such. This summer he seems worse. Talking does nothing.. I am feeling pretty bad lately and starting to experience headaches, nervousness, etc…

    1. Dear Irene, please don’t accept the abuse, even if the reasons for it are ASD and sensory overload. Since your husband suggests he has Aspergers, it’s time to get him some help. Medication, diet, physical exercise and psychotherapy will help him. During this pandemic, those on the Spectrum are highly susceptible to meltdowns. Their bodies just can’t take the extra stress. But that doesn’t mean you should absorb it. And if you are not yet a member of our Meetup group, please join. We understand and support each other. You are not alone.

        1. Since you have posted on my blog on my website, all you have to do is go to the page on Asperger Syndrome & Relationships. There is a description of the Meetup group with links to join. Hope to see you soon in our group.

      1. Hi Kathy, how can I join your group? I’m. Married to a 42 year old (Aspergers) who finally agreed to get diagnosed this year. He isn’t being treated and basically doesn’t think there’s anything different or wrong with his behavior.

        I’ve dealt with his abuse rages, punching holes in the wall, throwing things, spitting in my face, screaming at full volume an inch away from me. I tried getting an Autism specialist from San Francisco but he won’t attend appointments. I’m physically injured and I can’t get away. I’ve lost all friends and connections from being trapped with him.

        My husband has no friends, no hobbies besides excessive video games and anime. He doesn’t take care of himself physically. He has no love or happiness for anyone or anything. No dreams, no goals, no imagination.

        He goes from zero to enraged instantly. He didn’t like something that I said tonight and instead of discussing it with me he became enraged and told me to go kill myself. We were literally decorating the Christmas tree and watching a fun movie for the last few hours. I told him that its completely unacceptable for him to say such an awful thing to me when he is upset.. This is how he behaves with no alcohol or drugs involved. He will be angry so I hide away in my bedroom while he plays video games to soothe himself. Then tomorrow he will act like nothing happened.

        I am trying to divorce and leave him but I’ve become socially isolated I have no friends and no where to go. He threatens me and tells me that he will make divorce difficult and that I’ll get nothing. I desperately need one female friend that I can trust to be a roommate so that I can move out. I’m 39 years old and I have been exposed to this toxic autism violent behavior since I was only 17 years old.

        I shouldn’t be scared and writing to strangers on a holiday but here I am. I need help to get out because he is not getting help or improving. None of this is normal or ok. I have a therapist I don’t need to talk I need someone to help me get a strategy to get out, get my own place and mentally handle all the hate and evil things he is going to say and try to do to me during divorce.

        1. Dear Tabatha, please do join the group. You can find the links right here on my website. Put Meetup in the search box at the bottom of the blue box that you can find on every website page. You are not alone. You will find others here who understand exactly what you are going through.Plus we always talk about strategies to care for yourself — even divorce. One more thing — you are not the only one to post on Holidays. You will find many messages from other members too. I am so glad you found us. Dr. Kathy

          1. Hi there I have left the father of my child (it took a lot of ruse and manipulation to get him to think it was his idea) but I have a child with him and he is using that to control every aspect of my life, it is awful. I feel so alone and I worry about my daughter seeing me as a poor role model. I feel exhausted by the whole thing. I always thought there was something wrong with him but thought it was narcissism or another disorder , he totally fits the Asperger description and his father is exactly like that too. I need help….please can someone chat to me? It is so hard being a single mum in a foreign country but that on top of it all is just making things impossible and I worry I will get ill.

    2. Mine gets angry just by using his phone and will start to swear in public places. He thinks it’s ok to say that I have a big waist line , even if I did not his place to say and laugh about it in public. He use to send me texts in a Sunday after heavy drinking, some really nasty I told him to stop and he as . I am always on tender hooks especially when he is drunk hate it . He knows he has Aspergers but totally won’t except it

  3. My husband , I’m convinced has aspberger’s. His middle son and mother also seem to be serious. He was always the most gentle person I knew….. until I asked him if he was cheating. Wow…. the abuse, the name calling, the breaking, holes in walls, making me believe it’s all in my head…. or due to my anti anxiety meds.. (yes, the often cause the other to think you’re not being faithful …. not), well, I caught him at a whore house, or massage parlour, if you will.. I’m still with him, but I cannot stand it anymore.
    He has been abusive , and calls me an abuser because I’ve hit him back twice.
    I would love to hear your thoughts on my sad story, I’m in the process of leaving him, but I need strength.
    Remember , hurt people hurt people..
    It is quite true
    Thanks for reading

    1. Addictions and abusive behavior are so hard to sort through. I always say it is never OK to allow abuse, but this is easier said than done sometimes. Seek professional guidance from clinics that specialize in abusive relationships. You are not safe going it alone.

    2. I got exactly the same about being called an “abuser” because I pushed him once after 10 months of him screaming “fucking cunt “at me in front of my baby girl (as if she was not there). You are not alone but it is very wrong ….

      1. They have no empathy and really don’t know or care that much how you feel. They don’t bond or form the kinds of attachments that NTs do. You have to leave them even though it can be hard.

        1. Many NTs are traumatized in these relationships because of the ASD lack of empathy. However, it is not necessarily true that those with ASD don’t care, or don’t feel emotional depth. The problem for Autists is that they are unable to understand where you are coming from, and do not respond to your inner world. They don’t “connect” in NT parlance, and leave the NT feeling invisible to their loved one. Of course the Autist is puzzled because they feel love in their heart. But love unexpressed isn’t received is it?

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