The New Face of Bullying

Bullies, who are they? The answer is not what you most likely expect. According to a 2011 study focusing on 700 students in Long Island, New York, 56% of the students had been involved in victimization and aggression. Many of the victims are in fact the bullies.

How does this work? Students are involved in what has been coined “social combat”. There is a social hierarchy happening in schools and students are working hard to be at the top. They do this by bullying others. In the meantime they are also being bullied by others trying to get to the top.

Times have changed and bullying is much more stealth. Bullying does not have to be physical. It can take the form of insulting rumors and gossip. These vicious verbal attacks are happening all over social media and text messaging. Rumors boost social status and is an effective method that bullies use to climb the social ladder. (For more information, read – Could Your Child Be a Bully?)

Thursday February 28, 2013 on CNN will premier “The Bully Effect.” This show is examines how social media has changed the face of bullying. I highly recommend this for parents. Understanding what is really going on in our schools can better equip parents to helping their children dealing with bullying whether as a perpetrator or as a victim. 

For additional visit for parents, read Parents – Be Alert to Signs of Bullying

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