Mathematics Used to Fight Obesity

One in three Americans are obese while two in three Americans are overweight. Obesity is an epidemic sweeping the nation. The average weight of Americans has increased by 20% from 1975 and 2005. Ever wondered how to control it? The answer may surprisingly lie with mathematics.

Carson Chow, a mathematician, has been studying the obesity epidemic and has come up with some very interesting conclusions. Working alongside Kevin Hall, a mathematical physiologist, they created a math model of the human body. After a lot of work, one simple equation was developed that may answer some important health questions.

According to Chow, the idea that 3,500 calories less is needed to lose a pound is incorrect. He says that it is easier to gain weight if you are heavier. So, a few extra calories for a heavier person means more. They predict that if you eat 100 less calories a day over a period of three years without cheating, you will lose 10 pounds. Click here to use an interactive version of the math model.

Chow’s suggestions for helping ward off this epidemic is to stop marketing food to children and as simple as it sounds…cut caloric intake. To learn more about mathematics and obesity, read the article – A Mathematical Challenge to Obesity.

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