Depression is Common with Adult ADHD

you have been diagnosed with Adult ADHD, studies show you are more likely to
also suffer from depression than adults without ADHD. Depression could be
rooted in a variety of different factors, but sometimes it’s because you are
frustrated by living with ADHD. Someone may slip into depression because they
have just recently been diagnosed or maybe they are tired of being perceived as
lazy, flighty, or unsuccessful. Regardless of the reasons, depression can hit
very hard.

It is important if you have Adult ADHD that you get proper therapy with or
without symptoms of depression. Psychotherapy
is especially helpful for people with ADHD who also deal with
depression and anxiety. It can also help adults deal with the frustration and
anger they feel because their ADHD was never addressed in childhood. In
addition, psychotherapists can help improve social skills and the ability to
deal with ADHD-unfriendly situations. A specific type of psychotherapy
is called Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy
which has proven to be highly beneficial.

In addition to your psychotherapy treatments, you can also try meditation,
exercise, or a hobby when you are feeling depressed. Remember that both ADHD
and depression are treatable. Visit my website for more information about Adult ADHD and Depression.

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