Help Your Special Needs Child Prepare for the New School Year

is flying by and before you know it you’re kids will be back to school. For
parents who have children with special needs such ASD (Autism Spectrum
Disorder) or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) it can be stressful preparing
your child for the new school year. I have put together a few tips to help make
the transition from summer to school a little easier for you and your child.

Be Positive
It is only natural for your child to feel apprehensive about the new school
year. You can help ease their worries by speaking positively about what they
are going to experience this year. Get them excited about that they are going
to learn. Recall to their minds the thing they enjoyed from previous years.

Get into a Routine
Even though school hasn’t started yet, it’s a good idea to start getting into a
good routine that will ease them into their school schedule. Set a wake up time
and bedtime for your child. This may need to be done gradually for them to
adjust. Also start with a few academic games/projects to refresh their memories
and get them to prepared for what to expect when school starts. Consistency is
key for both ADD and ASD.

Get Prepared
Include your child when you are getting prepared for the school year. Take them
with you when you do their school shopping and let them pick out things that
they like. Help them put together their backpacks, discuss lunch and snack
options, and help them lay out their clothes for school the night before. Make
the preparation a joint effort.

One other thing I really recommend doing – once you find out who your child’s
teacher will be – is to put together a packet about your child for the teacher.
Take a look at the article How
to Assemble a Teacher Information Packet
for some helpful tips.

For additional back to school and safety tips, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics – Back To School Tips. My website also has information about Parenting
a Child with ADD

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