Partners & Family of Adults With ASD Support Group Goes International

wanted to share some of the exciting news about the Asperger
Syndrome: Partner’s & Family of Adults with ASD Support Group
. Our
small group has grown tremendously and now has 187 members. The members are not
only those local to the Portland/Vancouver area, but we now have members from
around the world from Europe, Great Britain, Dubai, East Africa, Canada, New
Zealand and Australia.

The message boards have become a place where members can discuss their concerns
and gain support. Here is what one of our new members wrote:

“Kathy, I just wanted to let you know how much this group is helping
me. I have found a wealth of information and understanding. The shame and guilt
that have been so present for so long is lifting because of the stunning
similarities other woman are walking in and willing to share so honestly and
openly. I’m glad you started this group (I only wish I lived in Portland lol)
but good things are happening on the message board.”

The message boards are private and for members only and I screen new members.
It is important to me that this support group is maintained as a place of
support and security.

Our next meeting is scheduled for August 14, 2010. The topic for discussion is Aspie
by Nature or Exposure?
I hope that you can join us – if not in
person, then on the message boards!

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