Can Computers Help Someone with Asperger Syndrome?

anxiety, difficulty communicating, and lack of eye contact are all things that
someone with Asperger Syndrome has to deal with. It is like a heavy weight that
they carry with them wherever they go. So, the question is, what can help such
ones improve their “skills”?

to Know – Autism
had a really interesting article about how computer
programs can benefit those with Asperger Syndrome. It highlighted that computer
programs are now available to assist those with Asperger Syndrome to develop
skills that do not come naturally to them such as eye contact, improving
memory, and problem solving. (Please read the article to see the full list of
benefits and a list of computer software for this purpose.)

A word of caution though, if you choose this route of additional therapy, keep
in mind that computers have no emotion. These types of programs should not be a
replacement for companionship, but rather a training ground. If your loved one
has Asperger’s, seek out treatment for them from a mental health care
professional who is skilled in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders. Visit my
website for more information about Asperger Syndrome

I’m also writing a new book, “Parenting
with a Spouse or Partner with Asperger Syndrome: Out of Sight, Out of Mind”
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