How to Support Friends who Live with Aspie Family Members

Asperger Syndrome: Partner’s & Family of Adults with ASD Support Group
has been growing by leaps and bounds. Our meetings and Meetup
has become a place of comfort and support for those who have loved
ones with ASD. So many times the focus is put on the one with ASD and with no
support for their family, but that is now changing.

I recently received an post from a new member who joined to support her friend
who is married to someone with ASD. Here is what she said, Thank you
for your welcome. I was happy to find this group as I was very much helped by
your book, which I’ve passed on to my friends. They found it tremendously
helpful. I am glad to find any discussion on these issues as those outside the
situation find it pretty nigh impossible to understand the pain involved. I’m
not married to an AS but my friend is

The support group is not limited to those with family/partners of ASD, but also
those who are friends to Neuro-typicals with Asperger partners. Many times the
NT’s feels like no one understands the pain that they are experiencing. This
new member set a wonderful example of a supportive friend. I encourage anyone
else in this situation to please join our support group meetings or Meetup
if you live outside of the Portland/Vancouver area.

My book Life
with a Partner or Spouse with Asperger Syndrome: Going Over the Edge
available for purchase on my website or feel free to download
the first chapter
for free. This is also an excellent resource for friends
to read to gain a greater appreciation for what their friends may be experiencing. Thank you to all of you who are
taking the lead to help spread the word about Asperger Syndrome.

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