New Research Designed to Assist Young Ones with Autism Cope with Anxiety

Living life with autism can be extremely frustrating. Experts are finding that anxiety is on the rise for children and teens with autism spectrum disorders, roughly 80% according to recent statistics. A University of South Florida clinic has been researching treatment options for young ones with autism and anxiety. According to their research, the most effective treatment they have found so far is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy addresses the way people think. The techniques are designed to change faulty irrationally thinking into more constructive, solution-oriented thinking. Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy you are confronted with the irrational beliefs and offered a new way of thinking about them.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been used successfully with a variety of human problems from depression to low self-esteem to relationship dysfunction to phobias and anxiety, to writer’s block. However, as with all therapies, it is not the best solution for all people and this type of research is still new and under development. It is encouraging to see the medical community taking a more active interest in looking for ways to help young ones with autism cope with their anxiety.

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