Recommended Links on Asperger Syndrome

I have compiled a list of resources that I have found to be helpful and informative in understanding Asperger Syndrome. I believe that the more information you receive the better. Of course, the content of these websites is the sole responsibility of their respective owners, but I hope is that this gives you a place to start your research.
Tony Attwood is a leader in the field of research and treatment of Asperger Syndrome. This website is a guide for parents, professionals, people with Asperger Syndrome, and their partners.
Support to the family members of adult individuals afflicted with Asperger Syndrome.
Maxine Aston is a leader in the field of relationships and Asperger Syndrome.
An online resource for spouses and family members of adults diagnosed or suspected to be on the autistic spectrum.
Detailed information on Asperger Syndrome includes characteristics of AS, living with Asperger’s, prevalence, and much more. Also includes camp listings and support services for children with AS.
A well-rounded look at Asperger Syndrome including characteristics, diagnosis, history, research, clinical and non-clinical perspectives, and treatment options.

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