Is it Really Going to be a Happy Holiday? Watch my Interview on KGW

Yes, the holidays are literally around the corner. Usually this time of year is full of excitement and anticipation, but with the recent economic downturn the holidays are turning into a time of stress and anxiety. I have found that people are slightly fearful of how they are going to cope with this time of year especially after experiencing a layoff or some other financial hit.

Here are a few things I recommend that will help you avoid stressing out this holiday season:

1. Accept that you may be stressed, but focus on what you can do and not on what you can’t. You may have to make adjustments in how you choose the celebrate the holidays, but don’t lose sight of the joys that you can still have with the right attitude.

2. Exercise, exercise, exercise. It is a proven stress buster and mood enhancer. Find what type of exercise that you enjoy most and make time for it.

3. Take time to meditate. There is an obvious connection between the mind and body and with the help of meditation, you can reduce stress, headaches and hypertension.

4. Spend time with the ones you love. Don’t underestimate the power of love and friendship. A good time with friends and family is sure to enhance your mood.

I was interviewed about this very subject on KGW Portland News Channel 8. You can view the entire segment and see how myself and others have decided to view the upcoming holiday season –
Make it a happy holiday. You have the power to do so!

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