How to Keep “Aspie” Negative Thinking from Spoiling Your Happiness

Learn how to keep Asperger negative thinking from rubbing off on you and spoiling your happiness. Our “Aspie’s” (people with “Asperger’s Syndrome”) can be so negative that it’s infuriating. Do you ever feel like you don’t even want to bring up a topic of conversation, or make a simple request, because you know you’ll get a resounding “NO!”? Or you’re tired of hearing all of their “reasons” why something you’ve said is wrong or awful? Or you just can’t stand being ignored any longer?

Unfortunately, this type of interaction with your “Aspie” breeds negativity in you as well. Think about it. If you aren’t allowed to have a normal give-and-take in a relationship, your small negative thoughts and feelings can simmer and build unresolved stress that eventually grows into big grievances. Or perhaps your negativity has turned inwardly to depression or even physical illness.

We need better self-care than staying negative in a relationship with a negative person.

It helps to understand how your brain works around negativity. It’s naturally sensitive to negativity as a way to signal your body to protect yourself. However, your amygdala doesn’t distinguish between a real threat and your negative family member. So your brain turns an inordinate amount of attention to that negative source – and your happy mood is gone.

Before dealing with a Negative Nelly, it would be good to check to see how much of your negative reactions come from your own internal issues. Identify your triggers – the things that instantly make you mad, bad, or sad. It can be what they say or how they say it. Notice if you can see any similarities between your triggers. What is the real issue – why does it makes you feel particularly defensive and uncomfortable? I’ve found that N.E.T. is very helpful for healing emotional pain.

Knowing why something happens is a lot different from knowing how to fix it. If you want to understand and intervene in these two very different aspects of negativity please join our MeetUp group and our video conferences. Learn to stop your “Aspie’s” negative reactions before they get started. And learn to soothe your own heart in the face of this type of Empathy Dysfunction.

Learn more about Empathy Dysfunction: I invite you to download a free chapter from “WHEN EMPATHY FAILS.”

5 Replies to “How to Keep “Aspie” Negative Thinking from Spoiling Your Happiness”

  1. We had hiked around a lake for two hours. Left so happy. I honked my car horn briefly he flips out and tells me I should not have done that. very mad and negativel Things escalated Ikept my mouth shut but……happiness flew away. This is very typical and normal.

  2. You mentioned the above article but I did not see it defined. Could you please explain it.

  3. Thank you Dr Marshack! Your website has been a godsend!!
    (especially in this net-sea of “yeah, but…”)

    After going through my own 4-date experience an aspie, the problem is not only “Theory of Mind” but “Theory of ‘Mine'”

    Have a great day and thanks once again!

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