When Does Dieting Really Work?

effective weight loss program If you are an adult, chances are you’ve been on at least one weight loss diet in your lifetime. Unfortunately, the first diet is often the beginning of a roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain. Yes, the weight may come off, but the problem is how to keep it off.

There are many unpleasant side effects from dieting off and on most of your adult life, such as:

  • Dieting causes emotional stress. Constantly having to watch what one eats leads to irritability, headaches, and insomnia.
  • Unsupervised dieting can lead to serious physical complications. That’s why it’s important to get your physician’s approval.
  • Excessive dieting leads to a backlash known as compulsive eating. Because the dieter is depriving him or herself of food that is enjoyed or that the body needs, the tendency is to psychologically crave those foods even more. Often these cravings are satisfied by binging or overeating.
CNN has an interesting story of a man who lost 158 pounds by applying management concepts to his weight loss plan. I found it interesting to see his holistic approach to weight loss. First, he recognized the connection between depression and obesity so he went to therapy to learn to confront his disappointments and learn to love himself for who he is. Then, he researched systems of weight loss to see which one would work best and instead of looking for instant results he realized it would take time and a long-term commitment. Finally, he used what he’s learned to help others. Teaching others the lessons you’ve learned is one of the best ways to reinforce them in your own mind.

So when does dieting really work? Of course you should start by getting your doctor’s approval. However, if you consistently struggle to keep the weight off you should request the assistance of a mental health professional who is trained in methods of permanent weight control. It’s not easy to change an ingrained lifestyle but if you use a psychologist as your coach you can do it. If you live in or near the Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington area please contact us to set up an appointment.

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