The Power of Perception in Your Life

Have you heard of the power of perception? The power of perception can shape the course of your life for the good or for the bad. A perception is formed when information enters the brain by means of the five senses. That information is then processed and put into action. Different people form different responses based on the same data due to interpretations. Interpretations are formed by previous experience. Our experiences then shape our perceptions.

Changing your perceptions can have a powerful effect on your life. One way to do this to imagine . . . Imagine the outcome that you want in every situation. This requires creativity which is not a gift that comes naturally to all, but it can be developed with practice. If the outcome is different then what you imagined, you have the power to adjust your response. Adjusting perceptions and the good results that can come about can be likened to the placebo effect.

Beau Lotto, artist and neuroscientist, says the first step to changing perceptions comes from awareness. He says, “You must see yourself see. It’s about observation and curiosity, having a sense of wonder, becoming aware of the connection between the past and the present. Becoming an observer of yourself enables you to do amazing things.” For more information on the power of perception, I recommend the article, The Power of Perceptions: Imagining the Reality You Want on

If you would like to learn how to change your perceptions, set up an appointment with a mental health care professional. Contact my office for an appointment if you live in the Portland, OR/Vancouver, WA area.

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