Use Affirmations to Heal Within

Your brain is a powerful organ. Since your brain and body are in constant communication, your brain has the power to influence your body in either a negative or positive way. Therefore, taking a holistic approach to health and wellness is necessary at times. You have the power within yourself to heal as well as reduce stress and other negative behaviors. One way you can do this is by using affirmations.

Simply put, affirmations are an assertion that a person makes about a state of being. Affirmations empower the subconscious to overtime believe the stated affirmation. Once the subconscious believes, a person is more willing to work and strive for what they want. Thoughts become actions.

Affirmations can be done verbally or visually. In order for an affirmation to be most effective, it should be in the present tense and be positive in nature. For example, “I am happy” versus “I am going to be happy.” Keep them short and concise. It makes it easier to remember. You must also be prepared to repeat your affirmation regularly.

You can have a brilliant affirmation, but it will not do you any good unless you are prepared to put it into action. Only by being open-minded and allowing yourself to truly feel the affirmation will you truly begin to believe it.

If you have low self-esteem, are trying to lose weight, or battling depression or an addiction, I encourage you to give affirmations a try. If you interested in pursuing a holistic approach in your life, seek out a therapist who understands and practices these methods. If you live in Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington, feel free to contact my office to set up an appointment.

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