Link Between PTSD and Dementia

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is the term applied to psychological and
emotional problems that develop as the result of experiencing any serious,
traumatic event. Recent studies are focusing attention on the long-term effects
of PTSD and have found a link between PTSD and dementia.

study focused on war veterans. Out of 180,000 veterans, 53,155 had been
diagnosed with PTSD. Over a 7 year period, 17.2 percent developed dementia. The
reason for the greater risk of dementia may be due to the chronic stress of
PTSD. That type of stress could cause damage to an area of the brain which is
critical for memory and/or affect the neurotransmitters. For more on this
study, read the article
PTSD Nearly Doubles Risk of Dementia

You don’t have to be a veteran to be affected by PTSD. If you feel like you do
have PTSD, I highly recommend speaking to a mental health care professional.
Without treatment, the problem intensifies over the years – causing greater and
greater distress. Fortunately, PTSD is very responsive to a variety of
psychotherapies. In individual therapy, the survivor can learn a new
perspective on the past. With the gentle support of an experienced
psychotherapist, you will find new and healthier ways to put old memories to
rest. Please visit the Post-Traumatic
Stress Disorder
page on my website for symptoms of PTSD and therapy

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