Does Spring have a Dark Side?

Spring fever – it’s not just a myth. Scientists have found that many biological
and behavioral processes follow seasonal cycles. During spring, people generally
feel more energetic, enthusiastic and amorous, while at the same time listless
and restless. However, there can be a dark side to spring fever. This season
brings with it an increase in insomnia, vehicle accidents, criminal activity
and suicide. For those who suffer from wintertime depression, they can become
more energetic and impulsive in the spring, which can lead to poor judgment.

So why do we feel different in the spring? Scientists say it has more to do
with increased daylight than warmer weather. Our bodies are producing less
melatonin, which means an increase in sex drive, enthusiasm and confidence. In
addition to light, our senses are bombarded with fragrant aromas, soft winds
and beautiful flowers.

Become aware of how the changing seasons affect you personally. Take your time
easing into spring. Try to keep a regular routine of exercise and drink lots of
water. It will help you make a smoother transition so you can enjoy “spring

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