When Being Shy Becomes a Problem

When a study was done to find out what people feared the most, public speaking
ranked number one, even higher than death! It not only is feared the most, but
is one of the most prevalent and common fears that people experience. Until
recently, it was dismissed as a minor problem and was considered normal that
people would get nervous speaking in front of others. But recent research shows
that people who do experience this problem and find it debilitating and controlling their life
have a valid problem.

Symptoms such as heart palpitations, sweating, shaking, dizziness, blushing,
shortness of breath, choking, one’s mind going blank, etc., can be typical
responses to being in the spotlight. However, if you find yourself worrying too
much about what others think of you, and fear embarrassment or humiliation in
front of others to the extent that you avoid
where you are the center of attention, you may have
social phobia.

Learn more about social phobias and treatment
in a self-help tip on my

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