Optimism Is Good Medicine

Recent studies show that optimism can have a powerful impact on your health. It
seems that those who have a positive view of their health often fare better. It
has not be proven “how” this works in the body, but studies show
interesting results. For a more detailed look at a recent study, read Skip
the Vitamins, Use Optimism to Lift Immune System

If you are not a naturally optimistic person, don’t be discouraged. Here are a
few tips to help you adjust your thinking to a more positive perspective:

1. Start off each day with a positive thought. It will help you set the
tone for how you will choose to think for the day.

2. Smile, smile, smile. Smiling will draw others toward you creating a
positive exchange and will guarantee to lift your mood.

3. Live one day at a time. Stop worrying about the past and the future.
Focus on the present and make that day the best it can be.

4. Find a good support system. Pick associates that are going to
encourage positive thinking and will help you work through your negative

If optimistic thinking still feels difficult, seek professional help. A mental
health care professional will be able to help you uncover the cause of your
negative thinking and provide working tools to guide you through the change.

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