Coping Techniques for Divorce

Statistics show that 40-50% of first marriages end in divorce and it is
considered one of the most stressful events in life. Emotional and physical
side effects of divorce are becoming more and more common. For instance,
depression and anxiety can easily set in and even more serious health problems
like cancer and heart disease become a greater risk. The question then becomes,
what can help you cope with a divorce?

1. Find a hobby

A hobby can become a pleasant distraction from your thoughts. Choose something
that makes you happy and that you can easily turn to when you find yourself
going down a negative train of thought.

2. Reorganize
Clean out your home and get rid (or put away) items that will bring up
painful reminders of your ex. Instead of “our stuff” replace it with
“your stuff.” This can sometimes be a slow process, but a healthy one.
It can also help you to remember the good, but put away the bad.

3. Make new plans
Planning is a great tool to keep yourself busy and productive. Planning
helps you to set goals and reach them which will help promote self-worth and

Coping with a divorce is a process and one that cannot be rushed. If you are
feeling depressed
or anxious,
please visit my website for additional coping techniques. I also have
information on how to cope with high
conflict divorce

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