Learn the art of listening and improve your communication skills

As a psychologist, I talk to most of my clients about their communication skills. Why is that? Communication is an art and rarely comes naturally. It is a complex never-ending process that requires your attention. If you assume because you are in the same family or because you work in the same industry that understanding each other is simple, you’ll create confusion over and over again.

One way to become a better communicator is to develop the art of listening. Here are a few simple tips you can begin practicing immediately to clear up communication problems you are having with your loved ones, employees, friends and business associates:

1. Listen for what the other person means not just what they are saying. This will help you to identify the true meaning behind the words.

2. Ask yourself “Why is he or she telling me this?” When people communicate they unconsciously or consciously identify a certain person to talk with. The person is chosen because the speaker needs a certain kind of feedback that they hope they will get from that particular person.

3. Assume that the person has a very good reason for telling you their story. It is often easy to dismiss another person when they don’t make sense to you or perhaps are talking about something uninteresting. Often the only reason for talking is to connect with another person.

By following these simple tips, your communication effectiveness will grow and your relationships will improve too. Doesn’t it feel good to be understood? Try giving that understanding to others by mastering the art of listening.

Get more tips by reading my article Master the art of listening to overcome your communication problems.

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