Depression – How To Recognize The Symptoms

Depression is becoming more and more common place in American society. Instead of a normal case of “the blues”, a new CDC report finds 5.4 percent of Americans 12 years of age and older have dealt with depression. 80 percent of those who report that they are depressed state that it is affecting their daily functional level. Sadly, only 29 percent have said they’ve contacted a health care professional.

How do you know if you are suffering from depression? Most often you would be experiencing a combination of these symptoms for a period of at least two weeks:

1. Depressed mood on most days for most of each day. (Irritability may be prominent in children and adolescents)
2. Total or very noticeable loss of pleasure most of the time.
3. Significant increase or decrease in appetite, weight, or both.
4. Sleep disorders either insomnia or excessive sleepiness nearly every day.
5. Feelings of agitation or a sense of intense slowness.
6. Loss of energy and a daily sense of tiredness.
7. Sense of guilt and worthlessness nearly all the time.
8. Inability to concentrate occurring nearly every day.
9. Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide.

It is important to remember that depression can be treated! If you would like more information on depression, I highly encourage you to click on the link to read more and get the help you are looking for. You are not alone!

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