Six Different Types of ADHD

Did you know that there are different kinds of ADHD? I recently wrote a blog post about SPECT, a brain scan which can be used to diagnosis these different types of ADHD. Most psychologists and psychiatrists diagnosis ADHD disorders based on a series of inattention and hyperactivity behaviors. However, Dr. Amen uses the SPECT brain scan in addition to behavioral observations to diagnosis patients.

The scan focuses on the areas of the brain that relate to attention, short-term memory, and forethought. Six different types of ADHD have been classified as a result of this new medical procedure:

* Type 1 — Classic ADHD. Symptoms such as short attention span, distractibility, disorganization, procrastination, poor internal supervision plus hyperactivity and impulsivity.
* Type 2 — Inattentive ADHD. Classic ADHD symptoms, but instead of hyperactivity, there is low energy.
* Type 3 — Overfocused ADHD. Classic ADHD symptoms as well as negative thoughts and behaviors, such as opposition and arguing.
* Type 4 — Temporal Lobe ADHD. Classic ADHD symptoms plus irritability, aggressiveness, and memory and learning problems.
* Type 5 — Limbic ADHD. Combines ADHD with depression and low energy and decreased motivation.
* Type 6 — The Ring of Fire. Cross between ADHD and bipolar disorder. Characterized by moodiness, aggressiveness, and anger.

Are you wondering if you have an accurate diagnosis? Would you like to learn more about ADHD? Read additional articles on ADHD on this website or contact my office.

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