Asperger’s Syndrome – Depression – Suicide

A large number of adults with Asperger’s Syndrome suffer from depression. Scientists don’t know if this is a result of the struggles and rejections they face in life or if it’s because of the way their brains are hard wired. As Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen said in a recently published study on Asperger’s and depression, “Adults …

Living with a “Covid Brain”

There’s a new diagnosis floating around. It’s colloquially referred to as “Covid Brain.” After this many months into the Corona Virus Pandemic, many of us are experiencing fear, fatigue, depression, and confusion. Our normal routines are up-ended. Without our normal social interactions and daily activities, we are just not ourselves anymore. We have been social …


ADD in Adults What is ADD or ADHD? We hear about it all the time -in the news, from teachers and other parents – but what is it and how does it affect kids who have it? What do I do if my child is diagnosed with ADD?  The whole family needs to learn how …

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