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Topic: TELECONFERENCE: Games “Aspies” Play

Friday, March 20th at 1:00 pm Pacific Time

By games of course, I mean the manipulations, and side stepping, and forgetfulness, and other forms of confusing the issues so that the result is chaos. The games that “Aspies” play are not dissimilar to those our children try to get away. This makes the relationship even more confounding because we don’t expect this from our ASD adult partners.

It’s as if they think the games are legitimate too. Let me tell you they are not! These games are demoralizing and pointless.

Let’s get together to talk about how to spot the games when they start. Next, learn how to cancel the games immediately, and not waste your time explaining. Finally, let’s spend some time learning how to move the conversation away from games and toward meaningful interaction. Yes, our “Aspies” can do this to some extent.

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