TELECONFERENCE: Three Types of “Aspie”

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Topic: TELECONFERENCE: Three Types of “Aspie”

Thursday, October 10th at 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm Pacific

Often members say that “my ‘Aspie’ is different than others in the group.” They base their comment on observations that their “Aspie” doesn’t have certain classic ASD traits, such as meltdowns, or rages, or sensory sensitivities, or poor social skills, etc.

They may describe their “Aspie” as (1) withdrawn, or (2) charming or (3) intimidating. And they always say he or she is “highly intelligent.”

What’s missing from these observations though is that regardless of what ASD or personality traits your “Aspie” presents, the underlying Empathy Dysfunction (EmD-0) is the common denominator for all “Aspies.” Further, broadening your understanding about EmD helps you to see how similar are the various types, and how to improve communication.

Please come to the call with a private place to listen and chat.

This call is only for members of ASPERGER SYNDROME & RELATIONSHIPS: Life with an Adult on the Autism Spectrum. Please register at

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