VIDEO CONFERENCE: Empathy Explains it All

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Topic: Empathy Explains it All

July 25, 2019 – 7:30pm-8:30pm Pacific Time

Empathy explains it all. It took me years to comprehend that nearly all of the problems I experienced in my relationships with my “Aspie” loved ones could be explained by Empathy Dysfunction (EmD). Once I got it that they were not using empathy to understand the world and the people around them, I was able to navigate the gummed up communications among us.

“Aspies” have Zero Degrees of Empathy (EmD-0) so their reality is built from a different set of mapping tools. While we run everything through our understanding of others in relationship to ourselves, they run everything through a fantastic list of “factoids.” How often have you heard your “Asperger” partner tell you that they “heard every word”? Maybe, but did they really process the meaning?

Empathy helps shape the meaning of communication, the meaning of our relationships, the meaning of the choices we NTs make. For an “Aspie” there may be no meaning, if the facts don’t add up.

I often use the expression: “The whole is more than the sum of the parts.” While we NTs are shaping meaning with our empathic thoughts, words and actions, the “Aspie” is tallying the parts.

Let’s use this video conference call to learn more about a reality shaped without empathy. Once you see the world through the eyes of an “Aspie,” you stand a better chance of taking charge of your life, not just the problem.

2 Replies to “VIDEO CONFERENCE: Empathy Explains it All”

  1. I’ve been to many of Dr. Kathy’s videoconferences and I have to say I walked away from this one feeling particularly empowered. It has allowed me to sit back and witness the behaviors and words of my ASD husband with more understanding and less judgement. More importantly, it is helping me begin to process the underlying and unacknowledged pain and confusion of my 18-year marriage. You’re a lifesaver, Dr. Kathy!

    1. Thank you very much Karen. Personally I am also waking up more and more as our members share their unique story. I’d like to hear more.

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