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Kudos to Chris Borland for retiring from football to protect his brain health

This week’s news was full of San Francisco 49er’s linebacker, Chris Borland, retiring at the age of 24 from NFL football because of his concern about CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy).

It couldn’t have been easy turning his back on the money and fame that was before him. I imagine he had pressure to continue from his teammates, coach and sponsors. The peer pressure to continue must have been enormous.

For years, I have been warning of the damage done by Traumatic Brain Injuries caused by the blows to the head while playing football. The seriousness cannot be understated, for it does damage to one’s physical and mental health, changing forever family relationships and future prospects. I’m definitely not alone in my concerns, renowned brain specialists, such as Dr. Daniel Amen have been drawing attention to the risks our young athletes are running. Click here to hear what Dr. Daniel Amen says about this.

We all wish Chris a long, happy and healthy life. We applaud his courage in standing up and saying the risk was not worth it. The more the spotlight is shown on this danger, the better the chances are for a real change. Thank you, Chris.

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