Strong Team Dynamic Linked to More Women

What kind of individual do you want on your business team? Intelligence is often the desired quality. According to an interesting study in 2011 published in the Harvard Business Review, more women on a team lead to a greater success rate. When given tasks such as brainstorming, puzzle solving, and making decisions, the teams with women scored higher. (Read What makes a team smarter? More women)

What makes team dynamics with women more successful? In a nutshell, it’s called being a good team leader. This includes being a good listener, being concerned about others, and being open-minded. These are abilities that come more naturally to women, which is why they are great employees, managers, and entrepreneurs. 

Even though these things come naturally to most women, in order for them to be truly successful, these good qualities must be cultivated. To learn more about how a woman can be a successful business leader, read my article – It takes three things to be a successful business woman.

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