Use Music to Ease Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are often accompanied with physical symptoms like headaches, muscle pain, tension, and fatigue. The pain that experienced is very real and can feel overwhelming. A study performed at the University of Utah Pain Research Center noticed that listening to music can have a positive effect on the pain associated with anxiety.

About 143 participants were evaluated and told to listen to the music and look for deviant tones and melodies. While listening, participants received safe, fingertip electrode shocks. The researchers found that while listening, pain stimuli decreased. The focus shifted from feeling the pain to listening and being stimulated by the music. What a simple yet effective way to help the pain! For more information on this study, I recommend reading – Music Soothes Anxiety, Reduces Pain.

While music can play a powerful role in aiding someone with anxiety disorders, psychotherapy is still vital. Speaking to your doctor about the benefits of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or if you live in Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, WA contact my office for more information.

For more information, read Coping with Anxiety Disorders.

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