Keep Active This Winter for Your Mental and Physical Health

Need another reason to stay physically active? A new study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine
shows that staying physically active is a great way to prevent catching
a cold this winter. People who are physically active actually get sick
less and if they do get sick, the cold is not as severe. What great
news! The problem for many is that  it’s harder to stay physically
active in the winter months. Especially in the Pacific Northwest with
cold weather, less sunshine and a lot more rain, getting out and moving
can be a real challenge.

Here are some suggestions to help you get moving this winter: 

Brave the outdoors.
I know many people enjoy exercising outside regardless of the weather.
If that is the case for you, invest in the proper gear. Select shoes
with good traction and choose clothing with synthetic material which
will keep you warmer than cotton. Winter sports like skiing,
snowshoeing, ice skating, and snowboarding are also great options for
exercise that’s fun.

Take a look at inside exercise options.

Join a gym or invest in some exercise equipment for your home. You can
also purchase workout DVD’s. The range and variety of exercise routines
are endless. Find something that you will enjoy. If you enjoy it, you
will do it!

Stick to a reasonable schedule and reasonable goals. If it’s too ambitious you probably won’t stick to it so start off slow.

Stay hydrated.
Sometimes it harder to drink water when it is cold, but keeping
hydrated is a must. It will help you when you are exercising as well as
help you ward off those colds.

Find a workout partner. Enlist a friend to be your workout buddy or better yet, make it a family affair.


may be a challenge to keep an active lifestyle, but the benefits are
well worth the effort. You will feel better physically, mentally and
emotionally. For information on exercise and weight-loss, visit Mind and Body – Weight Control on my website.

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