New TV Drama Adds a Character with Asperger Syndrome

NBC has developed a new sitcom called “Parenthood”. It is
based around the challenges of raising children and starting life over. What I
found interesting about this new show is that one of the main characters, Adam
Braverman, has a young son with Asperger Syndrome. Yes, it looks like
Hollywood’s interest in Asperger’s continues to grow.

Jason Katmin’s, Parenthood’s writer and executive producer, has a 13 year old
son with Asperger Syndrome and wanted to use this opportunity to raise public
awareness about the disorder and reduce the stigma around it. Wednesday morning
after the second episode aired, “Asperger Syndrome” was one of the
top Google searches. It looks like Jason Katmin’s hope is becoming a reality.

If you would like more information on Asperger Syndrome, please visit Asperger Syndrome
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on my website.

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