Going Over the Edge? is Going Worldwide

My book, “Life with a Partner or Spouse with Asperger Syndrome: Going
Over the Edge?”
has been gaining more international attention
recently. This doesn’t surprise me because when I posted the first chapter on
my website three years ago I received emails from readers around the world. I
am thrilled to see that my book is more readily available to those outside the

For Europeans, Eurospan
has made Going Over the Edge? available for purchase
on their website. The website includes the book forward by Stephen Shore, the
introduction, the first three chapters, and the front and back cover.

If you live in India, Flipkart.com
has added my book to their inventory. They ship throughout India, but you must
pay in rupees.

I have added these links to the Asperger Syndrome Recommended Links on my website for future reference. I will
continue to keep you posted on any more exciting updates!

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