Worthwhile New Year’s Resolution – Change the Cycle of Unhealthy Dieting

For many life seems to be a roller coaster of weight loss and weight gain. Some choose the excessive approach, depriving yourself of the foods you want or your body needs then spiraling headlong into binging. The scenario seems to be diet – lose weight – develop cravings – eat compulsively – gain weight – diet again, and so on. Researchers are now finding that this type of pattern can cause changes in the brain similar to those who are drug addicts. For more information on this interesting study, visit “Dieters Face Similar Problems as Drug Abusers.”

To avoid developing an unhealthy approach to food and dieting, I recommend four basic principles:

* Eat only when you’re hungry

* Stop eating when you’re not hungry

* Eat only what you’re hungry for

* Get plenty of exercise

A change in attitude and eating behaviors are required. If you feel like this is something you are struggling with, I recommend setting up an appointment with a mental health care professional who is trained in this area. For more information, visit my tip page – Healthy Weight Control.

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