Turn Worries into Solution Incentives

I worry. I worry about all kinds of things. Not that all of this worrying has accomplished much in and of itself. However worrying can serve a useful purpose if it directs your attention to problem solving. I think worriers, more than most take a hard cold look at reality. The problem is we can scare ourselves to death with this worry…worry over the economy…worry over the political scene…worry over our health…worry over environmental degradation…worry over the problems our children will inherit.

Or…we can take our worries as incentive to search for solutions.

I can’t tell you everything is going to be OK. I am just a psychologist, not a fortune teller. But what I do know is that solutions do not come from worry or fear or other forms of negativity. Solutions come from putting our attention on what is right and good and pure and loving and compassionate. Solutions come when we give ourselves to others to make the world a better place. Solutions come when we tear ourselves away from our negativity and we are grateful for all of the small, wonderful things that bring us happiness. Believe it or not, solutions often materialize out of thin air when we believe that the challenges we are facing are a gift, not a burden.

If you have faith and hope you will not only come through hardship but you will be better for it. Like me you may still worry, but let those worries guide you to the kind of solutions that can only come from your indomitable human spirit.

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