Creative Family Fun on a Tight Budget

With the recent dive in our economy, families are increasingly stressed about the future. Whether it be lay-offs, budget cuts or rising prices, many families are making drastic adjustments to their lifestyle just to survive. Is there time or money left for recreation? Should that be a priority? Without a balance between work and pleasure, the family will become stressed out and anxious which ultimately creates an unstable home environment.

The key to this balancing act is to be creative! There are many alternatives to fun family time that won’t break the budget. A little extra time and research may be required, but it will be well worth the effort. Here are a few ideas for fun and inexpensive alternatives:

1. Go to the library. The library has a large variety of books, DVDs, videos, and audio books and the best part is they’re FREE. Make it a family trip and everyone can pick out something that will entertain them.

2. Entertain at home. Instead of going out to dinner with friends, invite them over for a potluck. Everyone can pitch in by providing a portion of the meal which lowers the cost drastically and gives you the opportunity to try new recipes. After dinner, play cards, charades, board games, or just enjoy some good conversation. It will be a relaxing evening and the whole family can get involved.

3. Enjoy nature. With spring in the air and summer just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors. Get online and research trails and hikes in your local area. Most parks and hiking trails have free access. While you are out and about, start a new hobby like bird watching, fossil collecting, or photography. All of these require little expense and you can get the whole family to participate.

With a positive and creative attitude your family can come up with their own list of exciting and low budget ways to have fun. I guarantee you will have some good family fun that everyone can enjoy.

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