Autism Asperger Publishing Company (AAPC) founder speaks at Cal U Autism Conference

Brenda Myles, founder of Autism Asperger Publishing Company and award winning author on autism, recently spoke at California University’s 2nd Annual P.E.P Rally and Autism Conference. She spoke to an audience of parents, educators, and providers who are dealing with autism. The conference focused on teaching young ones with autism how to overcome the challenges of interpreting communication and understanding others.
Myles spoke about the how autism hinders the ability to read non-verbal language and how those with autism think on a literal level. She also discussed the fact that children with autism need help with the “hidden curriculum” or unwritten rules of society that don’t come naturally.
I appreciated Myles realistic encouragement to this community. She said, “Teaching children with autism spectrum disorders about all of the unwritten rules of society seems an overwhelming task. I like to use the one-a-day method. If education professionals would teach one thing a day to a child with autism, they would cover 180 items a year. Other students will also benefit from the reminders. If parents of children with autism spectrum disorders would teach one thing each day, they would cover 365 items each year. Remember to grab the teachable moments because there are excellent ways to make sure they understand the hidden curriculum. These kids see the world so differently. Academic standards are only one piece of the puzzle. We can’t predict where anyone is going to be but we need to teach them ways to be successful in life. The potential is there.”
I am pleased that Autism Asperger Publishing Company (AAPC) is publishing my new book Life with a Partner or Spouse with Asperger Syndrome:  GOING OVER THE EDGE?. AAPC provides a variety of books, research, and conferences. Their mission to provide practical solutions to all things related to autism based off the latest research available.

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