Self-Care Vital When You Live with a Partner with Asperger Syndrome

My new book will be available soon! We’re brainstorming different titles that make it clear that the focus of the book is how to care for yourself when you live with a partner that has “Asperger Syndrome.” This type of relationship can be extremely taxing and lonely. Here are a few tips that I recommend that can help you deal with a spouse or child with “AS:”
1. Education
Educating yourself about this form of autism is crucial. It will help you to better understand the disorder and find ways to cope with it rather than resent it. New research and information is constantly coming out, so stay up-to-date.
2. Find local support groups
Finding others who understand and are dealing with a similar situation can prove to be a vital support system. It will provide you with more resources, education, and also comfort.

3. Take time for yourself
It can be very easy to focus all of your attention on your loved one and leave nothing left over for yourself. Be sure to take time to recharge. In order to give to others, you must give back to yourself. Be involved in activities that you enjoy and keep up your other relationships and friendships. You need solace too!

4. Seek professional help
Your loved one may already be meeting with someone regarding their disorder, but you may also need additional support as a loved one. If you are feeling depressed or overwhelmed, contact a health care professional.


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