Use Financial Crisis as a Quest for Wisdom

Is the recent economic decline causing the stress level of Americans to increase? The answer is YES! According to the American Psychology Association’s Stress 2008 survey, almost half of Americans say their stress level is increasing due to the financial crisis and it’s primarily affecting woman. In June 2008, studies show that there are more suffering physical and emotional affects of stress than in 2007. Symptoms like fatigue, sleepless nights, headaches, depression, irritability, and lack of motivation are on the rise.

This is a major cause for concern. Many are coping with these symptoms with unhealthy habits such as overeating or skipping meals, indulging in alcohol, and smoking. More time is spent worrying about the financial situation rather than health. What can be done to prevent the increase of stress and its symptoms? I recommend shifting how you view problems, including the economic crisis. If you recognize that life is complex and problem filled, then when confronted with a situation you can face it as a quest for wisdom. Dig, assess, diagnose, and search to create workable situations. This will increase your self-worth and make you a little smarter along the way. Click here to learn more about stress management.

More information on the survey is available at

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