Examining the Brain – What You Should Know About SPECT

Dr. Daniel Amen, a nationally-renowned psychiatrist, has developed a revolutionary procedure of evaluating mental disorders using a method called SPECT. What is SPECT?

SPECT is a brain imaging scan that measures the cerebral blood flow and metabolic activity pattern in the brain. By looking the brain function, it will give a more accurate cause for mental disorders—conditions such as ADHD, anxiety and depression—without having to guess or assume what is actually happening. The scan shows specific areas were the brain is implicated with specific problems, reasons why it may be functioning in a certain way due to toxicity or past trauma, as well as specific target area for treatment and medication. It is beneficial for both the clinician and patient because of its accuracy and reliability of the results.

I am very familiar with the work of Dr. Amen and he has referred clients to me here in the Pacific Northwest. If you are interested in learning more about brain SPECT imaging, visit Dr. Amen’s website at http://www.brainplace.com/ac/why_spect.php.

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