Entrepreneurial Couples Share the Same Concerns

I just got back from a presentation in New York. It was freezing cold. It seems wherever I travel I see that Family Businesses, no matter where they’re located or what industry they’re in, all deal with similar challenges. This is true in Florida, Texas, Kansas and a host of other states I’ve visited. I was reminded of this once again during my presentation in New York on “Handling Stress in a Family Business” which was hosted by Niagara University.

The entrepreneurial couples I talked to love their lifestyle but sometimes they wish they had better tools to address the challenges of working with loved ones. I was happy to share with them what I’ve learned by coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs. I must say that Niagara University’s Family Business Center is definitely committed to strengthening family owned businesses through the exchange of knowledge.

If you’re looking for more tools check out my website designed specifically for entrepreneurs – www.entrepreneurialcouplescom.

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