VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why do so many people believe my “Aspie” and not me?

VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why do so many people believe my “Aspie” and not me?

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Topic: VIDEO CONFERENCE: VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why do so many people believe my “Aspie” and not me?

Tuesday, March 17th at 11:00 am Pacific Time

I often hear this complaint from my NT clients. It is amazing how well guile works. Think about it, if you believe your point of view, it is very persuasive. And most of our “Aspies” believe what they tell others. Sadly they often tell others that we don’t understand them, or are always picking them apart, or just want to spend their money. These ASD justifications are not OK, but it’s tough to get them to stop when others in the world believe these tall tales.

In addition to ordinary people like our neighbors, friends and relatives, falling into this trap, there are a handful of “Flying Monkeys” hanging around, who will gladly do some harm on behalf of our “Aspies.” Flying Monkeys are those who help spread the gossip about how awful you are to your poor spouse. They love to watch your face when they tell you what they heard from your spouse or your best friend. They relish the thought of the argument you and your partner will have later. Confronting a Flying Monkey never works because they will just fly off and complain about you to someone else.

OMG! It’s tough enough to walk your “Aspie” through their ill informed notions of you, let alone clear up the confusion he/she has created with other, but to then try to quell the chaos of a gossiping Flying Monkey — well no wonder we feel as if we are going over the edge.

As with the first video conference this month, we will discuss a very tough subject. I hate bringing up bad news like this, but how else will we learn to protect ourselves and build a solid authentic life, if we don’t face the dark side of autism.

Make sure you have a private place to talk, without interruption.  I will send you reminders of this Zoom conference, but if you don’t have your email set to receive the reminders, you may not notice. I would hate to have you miss the call, so make sure you’re able to get my messages.

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