VIDEO CONFERENCE: How to Be Authentic in the Eyes of an “Aspie”

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Topic: VIDEO CONFERENCE: How to Be Authentic in the Eyes of an “Aspie”

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Do you have a feeling that your sense of self is not as strong as it used to be? Do you often feel almost invisible to your “Aspie” love ones? Are you becoming more and more isolated from friends, family, coworkers and neighbors?

This experience is quite common for most of our members actually. Whether you have been in an ASD/NT relationship for a short time or a long time, your “Aspie’s” lack of empathy creates an emptiness within yourself.

Why? Because we are social animals and require (yes require) daily acknowledgment of who we are. We don’t require agreement with everything that is the real ME, but we sure do need affirmation that our identity is really . . .and counts for something. We need to be seen and heard, don’t we?

Being the authentic YOU in the face of your “Aspie’s” lack of affirmation is tough. But in an odd way, it is precisely this lack of affirmation for your authentic self that can help you become more of the REAL YOU.

Even if your “Aspie’s” eyes don’t truly see you, use your strength of conviction and a firm commitment, take back your life, and be the Authentic YOU. That’s the goal of this video conference . . . to advance the process of being authentic.

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