VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why is everything a bottom-line transaction for “Aspies”?

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Topic: VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why is everything a bottom-line transaction for “Aspies”?

Thursday June 27, 2019, 7:30-8:30pm PDT

VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why is everything a bottom-line transaction for “Aspies”?

Without empathy (EmD-0) your “Aspie” thinks conversation is about facts only, or what I call factoids. Whereas we NTs always consider the person first, and facts second. We want to make sure the person we are talking WITH is “with us.” “Aspies” don’t really include your feelings or opinions in the mix. For them, it’s a matter of making a point, or getting to the bottom line, or winning.

This is not to say that they don’t love you, or want the best for you, but honestly they don’t really understand the nuances of conversation the way we do. For them, every conversation is transactional. What’s the point otherwise. For us, the point is to connect first, get to the bottom line second. It’s interactional.

It’s unnerving and demoralizing isn’t it? “You just want to be heard and understood. Your “Aspie” wants to solve the problem, get on with it, and they push past our feelings to accomplish the task.

This is a vital topic to help you navigate this imponderable world of ASD/NT relationships. Hope you join us.

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