TELECONFERENCE: Do others think you complain too much?

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Topic: Do others think you complain too much?

Thursday June 13, 2019, 2:30-4:00 PM PDT

TELECONFERENCE: Do others think you complain too much?

TELECONFERENCE: Do others think you complain too much? Not all of us seek out others to talk with about our lives with Aspies. For some of us it feels as if we are being too negative, so we keep quiet. Other times, we are so worn to a frazzle that we break down and complain to a friend, only to be dismissed as over reacting, or that it is just they way marriage is, or some such platitude. Even if you are the type to speak to others about your life and to seek moral support, you actually may be seen as even more negative than the silently suffering person. Either way, we may come to be seen as a complainer. Not fair is it? Let’s use this call to come up with solutions to the complaint driven system. We ought to be heard and believed, without sugar coating the truth about our lives. Please come to the call with a private place to listen and chat. This call is only for members. Thank you.

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