VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why “Aspies” Don’t Get Chit Chat

VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why Aspies Don’t Get Chit Chat?

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Topic: VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why “Aspies” Don’t Get Chit Chat

Thursday May 30, 2019, 7:30-8:30 PM PDT

“I don’t get what she’s talking about. I-t’s like confetti swirling all around. I just wait for it to drift to the ground,” said an Aspie husband.

“Neuro-Typicals need all of these extraneous words to explain things. I’ve practiced using these words so that they feel better. It’s like they need all of these curly-Qs splashed all over the page,” said an Aspie woman.

In spite of the neuroscience behind this, it’s still a puzzle to us why they don’t listen. We explain and explain and explain, but all they recognize is the confetti and the curly-Qs. Only when we speak their language is there a modicum of interpersonal interaction.

Notice I said, “modicum.” It still feels empty when we talk with our Aspies because their lack of empathy (EmD-0) makes us feel disconnected, even invisible to them.

This call is to learn more about this phenomenon and how to work around it. We are not irrelevant and neither is our verbal expressiveness.

6 Replies to “VIDEO CONFERENCE: Why “Aspies” Don’t Get Chit Chat”

      1. Hello Dr Marshack

        I wonder if you are able in future to schedule the video conferences no later than your mid afternoon like 1600 or 1630 as the time difference with the UK is about 7 hours which makes it difficult for me and other members living in Europe to participate in your teleconf and videoconf.

        I appreciate that this might be difficult for you to accommodate given perhaps your own busy schedule.

        I thought I will ask anyway.

        Best wishes


        1. Hi Karina,
          I usually offer a video conference 3 times to cover all time zones issues. This particular video conference was scheduled for 2pm PDT (which is 10pm UK time) on May 23rd. Would this time had suited you? If yes, please check my coming events to see other times that would be better for you. Hope this helps.

  1. Thank you so much. Reading you and following the group helps so much.Is there a way we can get your books apart from Amazon?Since I live out of USA, I would appreciate a PDF version of your books to download or any other possible way to get them.

    1. Hello Burcu,
      If you cannot order the books through Amazon, are you able to download the Kindle versions from Amazon?
      If you can, you can check my books page and you will see which books have Kindle versions.

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